Moving Forward with a Mobile Web; Australian Marketing Institute seminar

This morning two of the The Memphis Agency crew presented to members of the Australian Marketing Institute on future friendly mobile web strategies.

The presentation covered all things mobile web.

Jon, our Lead Application Developer and Danni, our Digital Strategist, discussed the revolution of mobile, why you should maximise your reach with a device-optimised web experience, and how to combat this as a marketer.



We wish to give our sincere thanks to the AMI for allowing us to share our insights, as well as all those that attended at such an early hour for staying awake :)

Be sure to check out the slides to our Moving Forward with a Mobile Web presentation. It is mobile/device friendly – we must practise what we preach!

Also make sure you visit the Australian Marketing Institute website for more information, or to register for this great event.

In the meantime, here is a great infographic about understanding your need for either a mobile app or mobile website.



Stratco Facebook social media competition app


We have recently been assigned to a super social project, for a super savvy client – Stratco Australia. Stratco wanted a refreshed social media competition, based on an existing concept, titled “Win One Wednesday”.

The name is rather literal  - win something on a Wednesday. Stratco had witnessed some excellent results from their previous competition. They wanted to continue its brilliance, but with a strengthened offering within their budget and to implement basically straight away!

That’s where TMA stepped in – we wanted to take the idea further via the introduction of a new third-party application supplier and introduce some reinvigorated ideas to further strengthen brand awareness. Our challenge was to deliver within the timeline specified, and achieve within a reasonable budget.

Campaign objectives

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Facilitate a level of engagement with existing and potential Facebook fans;
  • KPI for customer data acquisition of approximately 200 entries per week (6% conversion); and,
  • KPI for 50% of entries to be shared (not a compulsory entry mechanism).

Campaign strategy

  • Create a Facebook App, administer contest using ShortStack as to abide by Facebook Promotions Guidelines;
  • Develop the app to be as easy as possible to enter, and easy as possible to share;
  • Promote the competition weekly using organic posting, and paid if budget permitted;
  • Create a placeholder image for the tab on every other day but Wednesday;
  • Provide broader communications strategy recommendations to organically promote the competition; and,
  • Alternate the offering to understand what Stratco Facebook Fans may like and dislike. Gather consumer insights using ShortStack and Facebook, and use them to optimise future competition performance and increase customer data acquisition.


  • Efficiency savings - A great solution to Facebook competitions that will be easy to coordinate and extremely measurable;
  • Knowledge growth – TMA to act as a resource to provide insight as to the guidelines, best practices and other optimization tips to support the coordination of this competition;
  • Resource savings – increase Stratco’s in-house productivity, so that Stratco staff members can concentrate on their own core role requirements; and,
  • Continuity and risk management – allows the agency who built the app (TMA) to be more embedded with deployment and maintenance.

We think the app is pretty sexy – so head to Stratco’s Facebook page (even more awesome if it’s a Wednesday) and have a play around yourself.


Twitter Music App to launch soon


So we know from earlier today that Twitter acknowledged that it had acquired
“We Are Hunted”
. Originally developed in Brisbane in 2009, it is now playing with the big dogs!

So how does it differ from Spotify, Rdio, Pandora or and the like?

Allegedly the app reccomends artists and tracks to users based on multiple personalised “signals” – ie – those you follow on Twitter.

Users can also listen to clips of songs from iTunes and Soundcloud as well as additional music videos provided by Vevo (Universal Music and Sony).

Which devices are supported?

What we don’t have a lot of details on is what platform the app is launching on. CNET’s report said it would be iOS only; AllThingsD’s sources don’t specify this.

What has Twitter confirmed so far?

Twitter did not respond to a request for comment on when the app will open, but there is an official press release on the We Are Hunted website.

A spokesman for Twitter in Australia did not reveal the precise role We Are Hunted will play.

When will I be able to use it?

We hear on the grapevine that Twitter are planning to launch this new music application as early as tomorrow (“Friday” in the US), and we hear that its fairly coincidental with Coachella occuring this weekend also. However, this has not been confirmed.

Is it available to Aussies?

We believe so. The project is backed by Aussie entrepreneur Graeme Wood but relocated to the US.

So, why?

Larger social companies are notoriously known for purchasing tech start-ups, such as Twitter purchasing Vine, Summify and Whisper Systems, and Facebook purchasing Instagram. Twitter have not confirmed purchase prices for any of these acquisitions.

The mean strategy behind this is that social media platform head honcho’s need to be able to continue expansion of what their product has to offer, so they can maintain and defend their current levels of user-ship across the globe.

After all, we are a bunch of greedy, information hungry consumers. We get bored easily!

We can’t wait to hear more about how this will pan out.


Ed Harry eCommerce website launch


We are very proud (and a little bit excited) to announce a new project that has recently set sail, last December to be exact.

*drum roll*

An eCommerce website for iconic Australian menswear brand, Ed Harry.

We have been working collaboratively with Ed Harry to develop an advanced digital business solution. One that focuses on being the key online sales and marketing vehicle for Ed Harry that expertly and powerfully sells products and increases online brand presence. The aim in the development of this new, premium website solution was to expertly brand and position Ed Harry to its target audiences. We are confident it provides an outstanding user experience and information access for existing and potential customers and stakeholders.

Essentially, we have produced (what we feel to be) a fantastic, scalable eCommerce site that meets key online sales principles in its easy-to-use interface.

We’ve used our weapon of choice – FarCry CMS – an open-source, enterprise content management system (CMS) used globally for great flexibility and longevity.

The website was fundamentally designed to assist with the sales process, with the aim to combat shopping cart abandonment that happens far to often globally in online sales. This means a more user-centric design. This also contributes to higher basket sizes. Win.

Key Marketing Objectives + Strategies

The rest of the key marketing objectives of the Ed Harry website refresh, and how we have achieved them include the following:

*clears throat*

Promote Online Presence

Ed Harry wanted to strengthen its existing presence using both online and offline marketing initiatives, particularly those that relate back to increasing organic search engine ranking. Utilising tools such as Google Analytics and FarCry CMS reporting tools (eDM campaigns) and also partnering those with any social media platform data, we will continue to gain informed decisions on how to optimise website UI and content. This is an ongoing process which we get rather excited about.

 Create Customer Confidence

Online security within an eCommerce site is not just a ‘must have’, its expected. A clear and obvious presence of business practices (including privacy, security and return policies) in order to instill confidence and trust in customers by prominently displaying clear policies, trust certificates, security badges and contact information. Additional courtesies including highlighting security on secure areas of the website to remind customers that their information is safe are also essential. These tactics create a professional-looking website that speaks about your brand values and expertise, and make a good first impression.

 Enhance Product Find-ability

Browsing (and more importantly, shopping) online should not be a chore. It should almost feel intuitive to start browsing. The design had to enable customers to quickly find and discover products by offering robust search and navigation. We don’t always take a linear path when visiting a website. Hey – we are humans, not robots. But it should be as easy as being a robot to shop online. To do this we have made viewing products easier – with all relevant products listed during the browsing process. It’s like a path of self discovery, yet totally intuitive.

 Enable Customer Decision Making

When purchasing online everything needs to be clear and straight-forward – far too often online shopping becomes too complicated. So we designed a simple, yet most concise and honest approach to displaying products and content. A cool feature, as specified by Ed Harry, is the ‘Collections’ feature. A unique feature, this functionality showcases complete outfits that a user can purchase with one click. The user can either select or deselect depending on the items they wish to include from the collection, ensuring complete flexibility and control. Again, user-centric. Also an easy feature to update from the back end for Ed Harry too. Depending on current product range and season, the pre packaged outfits take the guess work out of styling and coordinating but still allow customer complete control on which pieces they wish to purchase.

 Reduce Shopping-Cart Abandonment

Cold feet whilst shopping online? Common. But allowing a constantly visible shopping cart, and display a summary of items in the cart will keep the check-out just one click away. There is also a quick view of the shopping cart, as to allow users to browse the store and not jump back and forth between product pages and the cart. Easy as. Other convenient shopping options include gift cards, special offers, member registration, promo codes (for checkout) and back in stock notifications. These all allow great options to decrease the cold feet in shopping online, as well as a gentle nudge to remind someone that ‘X’ product is back in stock.

 Keep Registration Short & Optional

We’ve kept the registration process optional and short. Forcing registration is one of the main reasons why users don’t complete purchases – so there is also an option for express checkout as a guest, should the user not wish to sign up.  Simple, yet effective.

 Streamline the Checkout

Cut the clutter and display relevant recommendations, a progress indicator, an order summary and confirmation. It should be as easy as possible to glide through the purchase process. Another cool feature to simplify the process is ‘Quick Buy’ – allowing for the user to select their desired colour, size and quantity and add to bag immediately without having to navigate to the product details page itself streamlining the shopping process.

We are pretty chuffed with the result.

We are keen for everyone’s feedback, so definitely check out the site and be sure to purchase some of their great clothing whilst reviewing our work :)

Pinning is winning


It was found in early 2012 that Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media site in the world.

Once you start using Pinterest, you realize how addictive it is. We are using it in a personal context … but now businesses are starting to harness its’ true potential once they are shown some stats.

*clears throat*

  • The rate of user adoption on Pinterest has been massive – with the daily number of Pinterest users increasing by 145% in as little as a couple of months – it took Pinterest only a third of the time it took for Twitter to reach 10 million users. BOOM!
  • It’s hard to fathom but Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Whilst it isn’t as close to Facebook, it is biting the tale of Twitter. KAPOW!
  • Users spend more time browsing Pinterest than on Facebook. Understandable given the nature of the platform and the type of content. Still impressive, and something for business to consider when tailoring content strategies around their platforms. BAM!
  • Pinterest users are more likely to buy and spend twice as much as users referrals from Twitter and Facebook referrals. A recent study found that 69 percent of consumers who have visited Pinterest found an item they either purchased or wanted to purchase, compared to only 40 percent for Facebook. This is what some have coined a Pinterest “buying intent”. 70 percent of consumers said they use Pinterest for inspiration about things to buy, 67 percent use it to keep track of things they like, and another 67 percent said they use it to keep up with trends related to interests they like. TWANG!

So what are you waiting for?

Well we aren’t.

We’ve recently been working on a smashing Pinterest campaign for a client (of whom we can’t mention)… but basically we can summarise that: 

  • Pinterest is an ideal platform for visually engaging the target audience.
  • Multiple albums can be created for different categories and topics relating to that target audience.
  • The platform can be best utilised with e-commerce in mind, linking off to a purchase page for users to buy, buy, buy – think “I like, I buy”.
  • We think our clients should tailor their tactics around objectives to increase sales, brand awareness with target audiences, brand loyalty and online reach – all the while supporting and enhance current “traditional” marketing campaigns with digital presence.

So essentially, in our eyes, win with a pin.

Check out our Pinterest profile here. You might also be able to find some of our staff on there too.

If you are keen, you can always learn more about our digital marketing and social media services.


We’re Hiring – Digital & Social Media Strategist!

We’re looking for a leading Digital Strategist to join our team.

It’s an important position, and we think a pretty exciting one as well – so if you are the “right” person, please apply, or if you know of someone who is, please share this :)

So what are the attributes we’re looking for?

The successful candidate will have a passion for digital marketing and experience in managing social and marketing campaigns, as well as search marketing and optimisation. They’ll also be highly organised and a very nice person :)  Excellent ping pong skills are also very highly regarded.

What about the role?

The person will be responsible for dealing directly with our clients – both nationally and globally – developing engaging digital campaigns and strategies to achieve their business outcomes and grow relationships, working cohesively with our leading digital creatives and developers to fulfil these aims.

Why would you want to join us?

Well apart from the fact we work on some of the coolest digital projects within Australia and internationally (ever been to China?), you’ll be joining a unique, industry leading team of digital project managers, strategy & social media experts, designers and developers. We work hard, but we have enormous fun within a modern work culture and environment.

Interested to know more? – please apply here.

Strategic email marketing

This week our Digital Strategist – Erica Nistico – presented to the Australian Marketing Institute (SA) about strategic email marketing.

In addition to providing an overview of email marketing best practices, the presentation included discussion about integrating email marketing with social media, and considering the rise of mobile internet and email usage, and what this means to your email marketing strategy.

We’ve summarised some key points and resources from this presentation to assist you with your own email marketing.

Social media has not killed email marketing

Contrary to popular belief, social media has not killed email marketing. In fact, used strategically, the two are powerful, complementary – not competitive – marketing channels that both have a place in your overall digital strategy.

The above snippet from a recent infographic by Get Response puts into perspective the quantity of email users in comparison to the “big 3″ social media networks.

Some other interesting email versus social media marketing statistics include;

  • 42% of social media users check their email more than four times a day, compared with just 24% of non social media users, and those social media users are likely to share email-delivered content with their personal networks. ~ 2011 survey by Merkle.
  • Adding “social sharing” buttons to email messages increased the reach of an average email by 24.3%. ~ Study by email service provider Silverpop.

So one easy way to integrate your email and social media marketing is by adding social sharing buttons to your email template, ensuring they are relevant to your business, audience, and overall digital strategy.

The impact of mobile on email marketing

According to recent studies;

  • Half a billion people check email “on the go”
  • 20% of email is opened on a smartphone, and
  • 60% of smartphone users check their email first (over other applications)

Also, when talking about “mobile” we’re not just referring to iPhones , your email should render on ALL major mobile platforms.

The best way to achieve this is by developing a “fluid” layout email template, that adjusts to suit the recipent’s device based on percentages rather than being fixed width.

For mobile-friendly email marketing, also consider;

  • Using larger typefaces,
  • Allowing adequate space between links and buttons (for fingers to click them), and
  • If your email links through to a website, that the website or page is also optimised for mobile devices.

Email marketing best practices – an overview

Unfortunately we can’t cover all the ins and outs of email marketing in this blog post, but here are a few extra things to consider with your email marketing;

Have a strategy for how to use your email marketing


  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What do you want to share?
  • And more importantly, what are they interested in that you can offer?

There are many other businesses and brands competing for inbox attention, make sure your email not only stands out, but that it is targeted, relevant and timely.

Complement email marketing with other marketing channels

Offer slightly different content across all of your marketing channels rather than publishing the same messages out on all of them. This will give your audience a reason to follow you on different platforms, and allow you to convert fans and followers to subscribers and vice versa.

Reinforce your brand

Ensure email templates reinforce your brand visually, as well as through their use of content, language and tone – all of this information represents your brand.

However due to the quantity of devices that your email needs to render on, avoid complex layouts and typefaces etc, simple is best.

Segment your contact list

Spend the time upfront to segment your list to allow you to send targeted information to people who are interested.

Different email marketing segments include;

  • Geographic (country, state, region, city)
  • Product/service type
  • Position in sales lifecycle
  • Demographics (gender, age, interests)
  • Customer profile, e.g. VIP, sales shopper, brand shopper
  • Email activity, e.g. active, passive, inactive

Consider each segment individually, and what content is of interest to them.

Understand Spam

You must have permission to send bulk emails, and offer unsubscribe/opt out options. Here is a link to the Australian Spam Act.

Avoid spam trigger words in your content. Here is a link to the Ultimate List of Spam Trigger Words. Some email marketing software include spam review features; use these to test your content before you click send.

Plan ahead

Create a calendar and plan for email marketing, give yourself adequate time to plan, prepare and review them, and don’t rush! Get someone else to read over it before you send.

Reporting and refining your strategy

There are lots of recommendations for the best time, day, order etc, but what is most important is to experiment and see what engages your audience.

Also, review email campaign analytics post-send, and use this information to assess your initial strategy and refine it if necessary.

Lancer Beer USA website launches

We are pleased as punch to announce the launch of the Lancer Beer USA website.

Lancer Beer USA is part of Lancer Corporation a leading manufacturer and marketer of beverage dispensing systems, serving customers throughout the world.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, this international opportunity arose through our industry leading digital strategy, website and ongoing design, development and marketing work with Hoshizaki Lancer in Australasia.

Lancer Corporation is a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, with yearly revenue in excess of USD 2 Billion.

Strategic website design and development

This project involved;

The website is powered by FarCry CMS and includes;

  • Custom PDF Builder that allows website visitors to create their own single, branded PDF with a range of content handpicked from the website.
  • Resource Manager which collates relevant documents making it easy for visitors and Lancer Beer staff to access up to date product files.
  • Interactive Dealer/Service Agent Locator that allows visitors to find their nearest supplier via Google Maps geolocation technology.
  • FarCry’s integrated email marketing system to allow Lancer Beer to connect directly with their contacts.

As well as social media account integration, case studies, news engine, testimonials and more.

Truly embracing the “world wide” web…

This project is a great example of how advancements in technology have eased the ability to collaborate across the world.

Many thanks to all of our team who were involved in the production of this site, who also adapted with the time zones to make it happen.

We’re truly excited about our ongoing relationship with Lancer Beer USA, cheers!

View the Lancer Beer USA website here.

Our global work expands with Lancer Beer USA digital strategy & website commission

We are massively excited to be able to announce that The Memphis Agency has been commissioned to develop the digital marketing strategy and website development for Lancer Beer USA – part of Lancer Corporation.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of beverage dispensing systems serving customers throughout the world. Lancer Corporation is a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, with yearly revenue in excess of USD 2 Billion.

The commission follows the highly successful implementation of the Lancer Beverage digital marketing strategy and website for Hoshizaki Lancer in Australasia.

Autopia website launches

We’re very excited to be able to announce the launch the of one or biggest recent websites – for Autopia.

Autopia is a specialist novated car lease provider that utilises a very different business model to normal car lease companies;

  • They don’t focus on the standard “lease calculator” model which is simply all about numbers.
  • They utilise their own custom “Total Lifetime Cost” financial model (TLC) which essentially works out the best car and finance deal for each individual customer based on their exact needs and situation. Hence it is a very customised and personalised service.
  • As financial tax experts in the area of novated leases they can develop outstanding finance packages that provide huge tax/finance benefits for people, whilst at the same time being able to provide much better cars than competitors can provide for the same prices.

Our aim was to design an online brand experience that is very different to the norm in their industry.

The site features key aspects such as;

  • FarCry CMS
  • Blog
  • eMail Marketing System (dynamically integrated with Autopia’s CRM)
  • Social Media integration through LinkedIn display widgets on sales staff profile pages to allow networking and relationship building

Be sure to check out the site and if you are looking to finance a new car for yourself, or if you’re a HR Manager wanting information for your staff, there seriously is no better people to contact.

Astrix™ marketing/tag-line + website development

Heart attack and stroke are serious health issues that not only affect the individual, but also their family and friends. Low dose aspirin has long been considered a way to prevent heart attack and stroke by thinning the blood.

Mayne Pharma (a long term client of ours) has produced Astrix™,  a low irritant, low dose aspirin, for over 25 years. While the product itself hadn’t changed, changes to the packaging provided an opportunity to re-launch Astrix™, and develop resources to educate not only those at risk, and their family and friends, but also pharmacy staff, who assist when purchasing over-the-counter aspirin.

The first phase of the project involved developing a tag line to promote and market Astrix™. We worked closely with Mayne Pharma to gain a strong understanding of the product’s features, benefits and target market.

The final solution – Every day, for every tomorrow – reinforces the regular dosage of the product (take one aspirin every day) as well as the the positive future the individual can look forward to.

The tag line was then rolled out across all marketing collateral, including the new website. The site is an educational resource, providing information about Astrix™, heart disease and stroke.

The website design is in keeping with the product’s packaging, and it’s clean, bright interface is user friendly and reflective of the positive marketing messages.

The website also features our Poll and Random Fact modules. The Poll allows Mayne Pharma to undertake simple surveys with site visitors, while the Random Facts provide additional snippets of useful information to visitors.

Visit the Astrix™ website.

Facebook Places rollout begins in Australia

Facebook Places is due for early release in Australia, due to our high usage of Facebook on mobile platforms and high level of interest and involvement with social media.

Facebook’s venture into location-based social media will allow Facebook users to check-in to locations, similar to other location-based applications such as Foursquare.

The combination of this service with Facebook’s other features will offer a unique opportunity for businesses and brands on Facebook to interact with their fans on new levels.

We have added The Memphis Agency to Places, but it looks like the mapping is still not 100% accurate. Or perhaps this is where Facebook thinks our new office should be…?

Exciting times… we are looking forward to exploring the opportunities Facebook Places holds for our clients.

Interbrand announce the best 100 global brands

Interbrand top ten brands

Interbrand recently released their 2010 rankings of the best 100 global brands.

While the financial performances of the brands mimic the list’s order, this is only one of the factors Interbrand use when assessing brands.

The three key aspects reviewed are:

  • the financial performance of the branded products or services
  • the role of brand in the purchase decision process
  • and the strength of the brand

The Brand Strength Score is comprised of ten components:

  • Commitment
  • Protection
  • Clarity
  • Responsiveness
  • Authenticity
  • Relevance
  • Understanding
  • Consistency
  • Presence
  • Differentiation

These same ten principles are also critical for a successful digital strategy:

  • With clear objectives, brands can create an online presence that allows communication of their point of difference with relevant content, delivered by relevant platforms to relevant target market/s.
  • Brands can also listen to their audience, developing a greater understanding of them as consumers and of their opinions.
  • Whilst some opinions may be negative, being involved in the social conversation gives brands awareness of such opinions (wouldn’t you rather know what’s being said about you?) and respond to them, thus protecting the brand by providing clarity on any issues.
  • This engagement and demonstration of authenticity can then increase an audiences’ trust and loyalty in the brand.
  • Commitment and consistency are also essential to a digital strategy, and without, savvy audiences will quickly lose interest, and view the brand as just more online noise…

To read more about our Digital Strategy Process click here.

To see Interbrand’s complete list of 2010′s 100 best global brands click here.

We’ve launched Facebook apps for Beerenberg!

At the start of this month, we launched a series of Facebook applications for Beerenberg. There are now four new tabs at the top of their Facebook page allowing users to browse and interact with content dynamically displayed from the Beerenberg website.

Facebook users can browse, “like” and comment on Beerenberg products and recipes, and also access two popular features of Beerenberg’s website: Provenance Pathway™ and Where to Buy.

Provenance Pathway™ provides specific details regarding the manufacture and origin of each jar of Beerenberg product entering the last 6 digits of a barcode to the search field, whilst Where to Buy shows what Australian stores stock Beerenberg products via a postcode search.

The project involved the integration of content and functionality from Beerenberg’s website, directly into Facebook’s development platform. This means any updates made to Beerenberg’s website via their content management system (FarCry) will be automatically updated on their Facebook page.

Since we launched Beerenberg’s new website in March 2009, we have worked closely with Beerenberg, reviewing all other aspects of their digital marketing. These Facebook applications address a fundamental aspect of their digital strategy, allowing them to engage with their target audience and gather valuable feedback directly from them, whilst also growing their audience through sharing their products, recipes and brand values via this incredibly popular social media platform.

Why brand loyalty is our ultimate aim

The ultimate aim in all the digital strategy work we do with clients is to drive their target audience/s to a state of brand loyalty.

So What is Brand Loyalty?
Brand loyalty is the progression from brand awareness to the state of brand insistence – where customers purchase and are loyal to your brand.

There are 5 attributes that drive customers to brand loyalty;

  1. Connection
  2. Value
  3. Accessibility
  4. Awareness
  5. Differentiation

How do we build brand loyalty?

  1. Build brand awareness through attracting and reaching a wider audience.
  2. Engage with this audience to convert to state of brand loyalty.

Download our Brand Loyalty Strategy diagram.

Our digital strategy process

Interested in how we develop, implement and measure the digital strategies for our clients? Here’s a run down of the process we follow …

We are firm believers in implementing a Continual Improvement Cycle with all our clients. Hence we follow a cyclical, and continually evaluated process when developing digital strategies.

Our Digital Strategy Process involves 7 key phases;

1. Objectives

  • Defining our clients core business objectives is the 1st objective.

2. Audience

  • 2nd, and equally as important as the 1st, is defining the key needs of the target audiences, and ensuring our clients objectives are in line with these.

3. Connection

  • Once our client objectives, and the needs of their target markets/audiences are known, its all about choosing the right digital channels, and then developing digital marketing solutions that can best connect our clients services/products with their audience/s.
  • Key offline channels are also considered to ensure all required engagement points are being integrated, as a cohesive marketing strategy across all key channels is essential.

4. Content

  • As they say, Content is King.
  • What is our clients brand values? What do they stand for?
  • What are the key sales messages we need to promote?
  • What is our clients point of difference in the market place?
  • Through content, how can we best engage with their target audiences and tell our clients story?
  • Developing the right content is essential; right for the channels, right for the audience, right for the client’s brand and message.

5. Converse

  • Conversing is all about engagement and communication with the audience.
  • It’s listening, engaging, and when the planets align, the audience telling your story to others.

6. Commitment

  • Commitment is essential, and covers all aspects of our client’s business – not just what we do.
  • The brand experience must be what has been promised at every touch point.

7. Measurement

  • Remember the phrase “50% of our marketing is working – we just don’t know what 50%”?  Well this isn’t relevant anymore.
  • Detailed, constant measurement takes place to allow us to deeply analyse our work and understand what has worked, what needs tweaking, and what our audience activity is telling us.

At the heart of our process is Decision Making, as we constantly listen, measure, evaluate and refine all key decisions made throughout the process to ensure our strategy and solution/s are meeting our clients core business objectives, the needs of their customers and interests of their target audiences.

Download our Digital Strategy Process diagram.

Lancer Beverage & Hoshizaki Ice website launches

Very cool to announce the launch of one of our biggest recent projects – the Lancer Beverage and Hoshizaki Ice website (Hoshizaki Lancer).

Hoshizaki Lancer are a world leader in Draught Beer, Soft Drink and Frozen Beverage Dispense systems, Ice Machines and professional food service Refrigeration units.

Our work focused on a detailed Digital Strategy, which included the following key deliverables;

Huge thanks to the great people at Hoshizaki Lancer for their belief in us and their support + participation throughout the project. If you are in the hospitality industry you seriously can’t look past their extensive product range – it’s second to none!

New healthdirect Australia website launches

It’s great to be able to announce the launch of the new healthdirect Australia website.

We are very proud of our work and relationship with healthdirect Australia, the collective trading name for the National Health Call Centre Network Limited (NHCCN Ltd) and those of its contractors who provide nationwide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to healthcare triage, health advice and health information.

Our work has evolved from initial brand development, through to the creation of a new online brand direction and web strategy, which through the new website highlights the range of services available through healthdirect, including direct access to the HealthInsite online health information service, as well as latest health news, health alerts, and developing social engagement.

The health information services available through healthdirect are wholly or jointly funded by federal, state and territory governments and include:

Buon Giorno Erica

Team Memphis continues to grow, and we are thrilled to welcome Erica Nistico as our new Digital Strategist + Producer.

Erica brings a wealth of experience to the team, having held various key graphic design, project management and strategy roles in both traditional design/advertising and digital agencies.

We look forward to introducing Erica to our client base as she focuses on further developing our digital strategy, social media marketing and search marketing services.