Google launches the +1 button

This week Google launched their +1 button experiment.

This new icon will soon be seen next to every Google search results link, and allows users (who must have a Google profile to use it) to click it to demonstrate their “public stamp of approval”.


The +1 button is considered to be Google’s response to the Facebook “Like” button, however it’s integrated with the world’s biggest search engine.

Just like Facebook’s “Like” button, when you +1 something, you endorse it, and your name is associated with that link.

+1 will be available within Google search, Google ads, and all across the web. Items you’ve recommended via +1 will also display in a new feed on your Google profile.

This new feature is another example of Google’s attempts to enter the social market, as they did (unsuccessfully) with Google Wave, and more recently with Social Search which displays links your friends have tweeted in search results.

The possibilities for this feature are vast though, particularly the integration with Google AdWords, and to websites and pages (still in development).

While over 2 million websites already have the Facebook “Like” button installed, the clear benefit of the +1 button for websites and pages, is that the recommendation will be displayed in Google search results.

If you want to be notified when the +1 button is available for your website, you can sign up for email updates at the +1 webmaster site.

Interestingly, the +1 concept has been used by people manually on Twitter for quite some time with re-tweets to indicate their agreement with posts done by people they follow.

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