Our digital strategy process

Interested in how we develop, implement and measure the digital strategies for our clients? Here’s a run down of the process we follow …

We are firm believers in implementing a Continual Improvement Cycle with all our clients. Hence we follow a cyclical, and continually evaluated process when developing digital strategies.

Our Digital Strategy Process involves 7 key phases;

1. Objectives

  • Defining our clients core business objectives is the 1st objective.

2. Audience

  • 2nd, and equally as important as the 1st, is defining the key needs of the target audiences, and ensuring our clients objectives are in line with these.

3. Connection

  • Once our client objectives, and the needs of their target markets/audiences are known, its all about choosing the right digital channels, and then developing digital marketing solutions that can best connect our clients services/products with their audience/s.
  • Key offline channels are also considered to ensure all required engagement points are being integrated, as a cohesive marketing strategy across all key channels is essential.

4. Content

  • As they say, Content is King.
  • What is our clients brand values? What do they stand for?
  • What are the key sales messages we need to promote?
  • What is our clients point of difference in the market place?
  • Through content, how can we best engage with their target audiences and tell our clients story?
  • Developing the right content is essential; right for the channels, right for the audience, right for the client’s brand and message.

5. Converse

  • Conversing is all about engagement and communication with the audience.
  • It’s listening, engaging, and when the planets align, the audience telling your story to others.

6. Commitment

  • Commitment is essential, and covers all aspects of our client’s business – not just what we do.
  • The brand experience must be what has been promised at every touch point.

7. Measurement

  • Remember the phrase “50% of our marketing is working – we just don’t know what 50%”?  Well this isn’t relevant anymore.
  • Detailed, constant measurement takes place to allow us to deeply analyse our work and understand what has worked, what needs tweaking, and what our audience activity is telling us.

At the heart of our process is Decision Making, as we constantly listen, measure, evaluate and refine all key decisions made throughout the process to ensure our strategy and solution/s are meeting our clients core business objectives, the needs of their customers and interests of their target audiences.

Download our Digital Strategy Process diagram.

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